Grand Marshals

Each year Pajaro Valley Pride asks one person who has been an advocate in the LGBTQ+ community to lead our Pride Parade as Grand Marshal. Scroll down for past recipients.



Alejandra Santiago

2019 Grand Marshal

Alejandra is an Indigenous, transgender woman from Oaxaca, Mexico who escaped violence in her hometown and fled to the United States 28 years ago. Her perseverance and determination to fight for her community and to live the life she was meant to live has turned her into a beacon of solidarity to many in her community. She has stepped up to protect the rights of immigrants, LGBTQ+ friends, indiginous people and women all around her. Alejandra helped bring transgender health care to Santa Cruz County and worked for 12 years as a Medical Assistant. This year, she completed her Business Degree and is pursuing her life dream of opening a Oaxacan restaurant in Santa Cruz.




jimmy Dutra

2016 Grand Marshal



Lesley Reid-Harrison

2017 Grand Marshal



Lisa Cisneros

2018 Grand Marshal